How To Move Text Down In HTML?

There are many ways to move the test down in HTML. Using pure HTML (and nothing else), you can add a line break before the text. The more you add, the further the text goes. Это It works, but it’s not the way you should do anything.

В In modern web design, HTML is used to deliver content. CSS is used to style content. HTML is supposed to send the text. CSS should position it. Your text should be in a div or p tag. If it doesn’t, you can easily place a div tag around it. Then you have two options for moving it down. You want to add an indentation above it or a margin. The difference is that the margin is outside the content of your div. The margin is part of the content of your div. (If you use the p tag or any other block level tag, it’s the same thing). Suppose you want to add an indent at the top of your div tag. You can easily do this inline by adding a style argument to the tag: div style=’padding-top:5em;’ which will add 5 ’ems’ fill to the top of the div. I like using ems for size because they resize relative to the size of the text. If you want to add a margin, just change padding-top to margin-top.

Eventually, you’ll want to learn about CSS, the id attribute, and the class attribute. This is essential for effective web design. You also need to learn about the CSS box model.

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