How To Unbold Text In HTML?

To bold text, you don’t need to fiddle with CSS styles or invent any other complexities. HTML already has this feature. In this case, we can not just highlight the text in bold, but also make it some accent with the selection. The emphasis can be made for search engines or any special browsers or programs. The main thing is not to go too far with the emphasis on the text in an article or on a page with some information, as it can have a detrimental effect at least on the promotion of the HTML-page.

So, to simply highlight the text in bold, we can use the tag


This tag refers to elements of physical markup, while setting bold text without any emphasis on it. This tag is paired, indicating that it has both an opening tag and a closing tag. In addition, since the element is embedded, it must be in a block element, such as


Example code:

<p><b>bold text</b></p>


bold text

In this case, we just bolded the text and that’s it.

But sometimes it happens that we need not just highlight the text, and make it the emphasis. For this, we can use the tag of logical markup


Not only that the text highlighted, this tag has more weight to search engines. But it is also supposed to be different from the tag


in speech browsers, such as intonation. However, I can neither confirm nor deny this information, is it true?

In this case it is exactly the same as in the case of simple bold, only we are accentuating, not just highlighting.

Example code:

<p><strong>The text we emphasized</strong></p>


The text we’ve emphasized

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

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