What Careers Use HTML?

Front-end engineers

As the language of the Internet, every aspiring web developer needs to know HTML. Front-end engineers use HTML (along with other languages like CSS and JavaScript) to design the structure and layout of web pages and applications. Similarly, mobile developers use these languages with frameworks like Ionic and React Native to build mobile applications.

Back-end engineers

Back-end engineers also need to be proficient with HTML. Even though the other languages in their tech stacks may generate HTML for them, they still need to understand HTML structure to keep everything running smoothly.

We also use HTML outside of the Internet, like in intranets and internal applications. So, even if you’re coding for offline purposes, you should still learn HTML. It can even be beneficial for non-technical teams, as some marketers use it for blogs and emails.

Game development

While you can’t create video games purely with HTML, the¬†canvas¬†element makes it possible to build video games in your browser using CSS and JavaScript. In the past, you could only do this with Flash or Silverlight. But with modern HTML, you can create both 2D and 3D games that run in your browser.

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